What Alumni Have to Say

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The MMPA program helps students unleash their professional potential, so it’s no surprise that many of our alumni end up in management and leadership roles. Their stories and experiences provide an inspiring glimpse into the exciting career prospects for MMPA graduates.


Laura Arngna'naaq
Class of 2013

“The academic skills developed through the MMPA programming completely changed who I was as a person; I find myself thinking back to class and drawing from that in my current job.”


Martin Ritchie
Class of 2000, Principal, Caledon Hills

“My University of Toronto MMPA with my CA designation earned me credibility and opened every world in business to me in all different directions. I have since referred a number of people to the program, and they have also done very well.”


Loren Francis 
Class of 1990, HighView Financial Group, Vice President & Principal 

I chose the University of Toronto because of its reputation and connections with the business community. The program, in combination with my CA/CPA designation, provided me with a skill set that put me ahead of numerous applicants for a position in investment banking. It certainly allowed me to develop a highly rewarding career path.


James Osler
Class of 1993, Origin Merchant Partners, Principal

“[The program] was a good eye opener and taught me how to assess risk, solve problems effectively, and gave me a credible foundation for a variety of potential business careers.”


Lucy Durocher
Class of 2005, PwC Partner, National Accounting Consulting Services

“My co-op terms at PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP as an Associate in their North York office auditing financial statements really prepared me well for my career.  The practical co-op aspect combined with the MMPA’s key role in teaching me effective case writing was a very important factor in becoming a gold medal winner (finishing first in Ontario) in my Chartered Accountancy Uniform Final Exam.”

Marta Brisco
Class of 1999, KPMG LLP, Senior Manager

“Forensic accounting not just a numbers game – through the MMPA management courses, I learned how business operates from all perspectives, including marketing and organizational behaviour. This broader perspective is key to my professional success.”


Blake Langill
Class of 1996, Ernst & Young, Partner

“The program gave me real-life skills in a diverse and fast-paced team environment, and involved a volume of work that prepared me well for my career. Looking back, I would say it was a great foundation for my career and helped me develop many skills that are applicable to life in general.”


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