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MMPA is a life-long investment in yourself and your career.

Enjoy accelerated opportunities to achieve your professional ambitions with an MBA curriculum and a fast track to CPA accreditation.

Why attend Master of Management and Professional Accounting Program (MMPA)?

  •                Paid Co-op Work Term(s) - get experience
  •                Accredited CPA Pathway - get a career
  •                2,000+ Program Alumni - get connected
  •                MBA Curriculum - get more than an MBA


Graduates of the program go on to obtain professional designations including the CPA and CFA, and then pursue careers in: Management, Assurance, Consulting, Accounting, Finance, Academia, Entrepreneurship.


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                                  Distributed Ledgers/Blockchain:                                             Technology, Governance and Social Innovation

Distributed ledger/blockchain technology has led to astonishing disruptive innovations in many industries. It allows transactions and events to be recorded in a database that is consensually shared and synchronized across multiple sites, institutions and/or geographies. The advance of new technologies such as these will change the way businesses, industries and professions add value in our economy and society. While they will create tremendous opportunities, they will also create significant challenges in terms of our ability to embrace change and shift our views.

Our November 2018 MMPA Conference provided an open forum to discuss how corporations, regulators, educators and the various professions think about these challenges and changes. We invited a remarkable group of leading experts, including regulators from the Ontario Securities Commission and the Canadian Public Accountability Board, executives from the technology industry, renowned computer scientists and economists, and academic researchers and educators from around the world. They shared their perspectives on the impact of distributed ledger/blockchain technology, looking at how we move forward.