Co-op & Employers

Paid co-op work terms are a valuable component of the MMPA program, providing students with real-world work experience and opportunities for networking with prospective employers.

MMPA students in the One Year MMPA complete one co-op work term, while students in the Two Year MMPA complete two co-op work terms. Students can put their co-op work hours towards the articling time requirements for their Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) designation.

The co-op term runs from January to April of every academic year. Students receive support with finding co-op positions from the MMPA Placement Team.



MMPA students are seeking a Co-op Winter work placement, January to April

Why hire a co-op student from the University of Toronto's MMPA Program?

1) Have a highly educated, competent and capable student from a Masters program from Canada's leading university.
2) Have an employee on a short-term basis between January and April (minimum 12 weeks) and receive high quality work for less than a seasoned professional.
3. Receive a refundable tax credit of up to $3,000 for hiring a registered co-op student.

Employer Next Steps...

Send us your job descriptions ASAP, so we can begin promoting your organization and opportunities today! Please also inquire about interview rooms, recruitment events, fairs and many other ways to promote your company on campus.

For more info - contact Martina Simmonds (905) 569-4561


Co-op income

Students are paid by their co-op employer, allowing them to earn some income during the MMPA program. In some cases, co-op employers may provide students with additional financial support through sponsorship or partial cost reimbursement. The specific arrangements are a private matter between the co-op employer and the student.


International students

International students without Canadian citizenship or Landed Immigrant Status must obtain both a Study Permit and a co-op Work Permit to enrol in the MMPA program. It is the responsibility of the student to obtain these permits.


In addition, strong communication skills are critical for success in the MMPA, including co-op work terms. Therefore, international students should make every effort to enhance their English communication skills prior to joining the program.


Co-op positions

Co-op work terms provide MMPA students with incredible opportunities to gain work experience at leading accounting firms, financial institutions and other prominent businesses.

Potential employers post available employment opportunities in the MMPA office throughout the summer. We also sponsor workshops and activities aimed at helping students find paid co-op positions. In September, we host a formal on-campus interview period lasting two weeks. Overall, these activities are highly successful in helping students secure co-op positions.

Image title "Co-op work term placements", Light blue box with overlayed text that reads " Recruiting organizations, the following are just a few of the companies that recruit from the MMPA Program" Public Accounting Firms listed "Deloitte, EY LLP, KPMG LLP, Pricewaterhousecoopers LLP, BDO Cananda LLP, Collins Barrow, Crowe Soberman LLP, Fruitman Kates LLP, Green Chencinski Starkman Eles LLP, Lipton LLP, Nawaz, Taub & Wasserman LLP, SF Partnership LLP. Financial Institutions listed, " Bank of Montreal, CI Investments, RBC, Scotiabank, SGGGFund Services Inc., TD Waterhouse. Below list of companies shows a pie chart, title of Placements, based on the past 3 years. Text by pie chart indicates "Big Four" accounting firms in light green with 24% of the pie chart, Other public accounting firms in blue with 57% of the pie chart, Financial services in orange with 16% of the pie chart and other firms in purple with 3% of the pie chart. Statement at bottom of image in navy blue reads "91% of MMPA graduates obtain full-time employment within 6 minths post-convocation"