Two Year MMPA Admission Requirements

Open to all students; the Two-Year MMPA can help students with any 4-year undergraduate degree make the jump into management.


Advanced Standing

For students with a non-business undergraduate degree, this program pairs their previous studies with robust business and accounting capabilities. These students are required to complete a 3-month foundation term to ensure they have a solid introduction to the topics covered in the program.


To be eligible for the Two Year MMPA without needing to complete the 3-month foundation term, students must meet the Advanced Standing Requirements below.

Advanced standing is available to students who have completed all the required courses in the first MMPA academic term while completing their undergraduate or graduate degree.  A grade of B- or better is required in each course put forward for exemption, and all courses considered for exemption must have been completed no more than five years before the date of the application. Courses can only be considered if taken at an accredited university. Courses obtained through a Diploma/Certification are not considered. 


To be considered for the Two Year MMPA Advanced Standing, a student must by the start of the program, completed all 6 advanced standing courses. To apply a student must have taken (or is currently taking) a minimum of 5 out of the 6 of the below courses and achieved a minimum of a B- grade in each. Any outstanding course would need to be taken prior to the start of the MMPA program:


In addition to the standard requirements, advanced standing applicants must also submit the following for assessment:

  • Full course outlines must be submitted for each course submitted for exemption assessment (University of Toronto courses do not require a submitted outline) 
  • If course outlines can not be obtained a student must write the outline themselves following the EXAMPLE COURSE OUTLINE, or obtain an outline from an alternate year if the outline is the same as the year they took the course; along with the Self-Assessment Form.
    • Applicants who cannot provide their original course outlines must (in addition to providing the above alternate material) provide a self-assessment that includes: all of the information required above and must include the Self-Assessment Form found HERE.
  • Note that simple course descriptions are not satisfactory. Applicants who do not provide full course outlines and/or a signed self-assessment that provides all of the requested information will not be considered for advanced standing. This could result in an incomplete application. 

To complete all requirements for the MMPA degree, the student must complete all of the courses in the remaining academic and work terms plus any courses from the exempted terms that were not covered in their previous studies.




Admissions Requirements

The following basic criteria are used in assessing applicants. Due to the competitive nature of admissions to the program, successful candidates tend to exceed the minimum requirements.


1. Undergraduate Degree

  • A 4-year university undergraduate degree in any field
    • International degree equivalency can be found here
  • Minimum mid-B average (73-76% or 3.0 GPA) in the final year of a four-year bachelor’s degree
  • Minimum grade of a B- in the required six advanced standing courses (only for the 2-year stream)
  • Applicants are required to upload a copy of their university academic record, unless they are a student from the University of Toronto. University of Toronto academic records will be verified directly

Note for International Degrees:

The University of Toronto School of Graduate Studies establishes degree & GPA equivalencies for international degrees. Please consult the School of Graduate Studies Admission Requirements to determine your country of study's equivalency to the four-year bachelor's degree requirement and mid-B GPA requirement.


2. GMAT (if required)

Achieve minimum required scores

  • Minimum GMAT score of 570*
  • Minimum AWA score of 4.0
  • Minimum Verbal & Quantitative score of 46%

Scores are to be reported to “the MMPA program”

  • Students who have studied for 4 years at an accredited North American university and graduated or will graduate with a four-year degree are not required to provide a GMAT
  • if you are eligible for a GMAT waiver, please email to request the waiver once you have submitted your application
  • GRE is not accepted in lieu of the GMAT


3. English Proficiency Test (if required)

Achieve one of the following

  • TOEFL: Total: 100, Writing: 22, Speaking: 22 (TOEFL code: 0982)
  • MELAB: 85
  • IELTS: Overall 7.0 and 6.5 in each component
  • COPE: Reading: 22, Listening: 22, Writing: 32, Total: 86
  • Students with an undergrad or graduate degree from a recognized English-language university will not be required to submit an English Proficiency Test


4. References

  • Two professional and/or academic reference contacts with institutional email addresses

5. Essay

  • One brief 500-word essay

6. Resume/CV

  • Summary of the applicant's academic and professional work history


  • All candidates will be interviewed before they are offered admission to the program. Interviews are by invitation only.

Please note, there is an application fee of CDN$359.60.


Important Application Dates

  • September 1st, 2023 — Applications open
  • October 31, 2023 — Early Deadline (Recommended for 2-Year and International Applicants)
  • January 31, 2024 — Final Deadline for decisions by end April 2024
  • May 2024 & September 2024 — Program start

International students are encouraged to complete their application as early as possible so that they have enough time to process their student visas. This can take as long as six months.


The Application Process: There are a few key things you need to do to apply to MMPA — Please view application instructions here.

Got questions? Direct any questions and enquiries to your 2-Year MMPA recruiter, Bianca Gaspini.


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