Annual Conference


Annual Conference at MMPA

Each year, the Master of Management & Professional Accounting (MMPA) program hosts a one-day MMPA conference on topics that deal with the forces that are shaping our changing landscape in the accounting profession. Given that we are part of the Institute for Management & Innovation (IMI), the MMPA conferences focus on innovations (technological and otherwise) and opportunities afforded by ongoing change. We explore how accountants apply their human skills/values and professional competencies to continually create value.

The MMPA program, which provides a unique combination of the MBA curriculum combined with the CPA pathway, hosts the conference series as part of the student curriculum, inviting academics, members of the accounting profession and practitioners from different disciplines to share their experiences and research to spark new ideas and ways of thinking. We are thankful for our partnerships with CPA Canada and the IMI BIGDataAIHUB (which acts as a sandbox, allowing stakeholders to gather, share idea and learn about big data and artificial intelligence).

    We welcome ideas and collaborations as we move forward – transforming the way accountants think.


    Irene M. Wiecek FCPA,FCA | Director, MMPA and Director, BIGDataAIHub Logo

    Yue Li | Associate Director, MMPA



    MMPA Annual Conference Proceedings

     A Call to Action

    Nov 19, 2021

    Sustainability involves understanding how we sustain our environment, our people, our organizations (including our governments) and our economy over the longer term...


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     AI and Machine Learning for Complex Business Decision Making

    Nov 20, 2020

    Powered by human curiosity, creativity, ingenuity, we learned that human-augmented AI is the most effective tool to predict pandemics, optimize supply chains, and assist with complex decision-making...


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    Nov 15, 2019

    This conference provides an open forum to demystify AI technology and to explore issues and challenges that corporations, governments, and the accounting profession face when adapting to
    AI technology...


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    A list of past topics include:

    • Big Data Analytics and Blockchain Technology
    • International Accounting and Globalization
    • The Future of the Accounting Profession
    • Corporate Social Responsibility and Non-Financial Reporting
    • Fair Value Accounting: Challenges and Implications for the Accounting Profession
    • Climate Change and Corporate Environmental Strategy: Accounting and Reporting Issues
    • Forensic Accounting, Internal Control and Corporate Governance: Implications for the Accounting Profession and Research Opportunities
    • Sustainability & Corporate Social Responsibility: Implications for the Accounting Profession & Research Opportunities
    • Fraud, White Collar Crime, and Forensic Accounting
    • Towards Global Convergence: International Harmonization of Accounting Standards
    • Risk Management - A New Paradigm for Business, the Accounting Profession & Academe
    • The Principles Versus Rules Debate for Determining GAAP
    • Greater Accountability in the Capital Marketplace