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The MMPA program covers the core of the MBA curriculum plus those subjects that are vital for technical leadership in the accounting profession of the future, delivered in an integrated academic and co-op work experience.The MMPA is designed to be the most time-concentrated, Master’s level gateway to professional accounting and financial markets employment. Read More...

Who Should Apply?

MMPA candidates are selected from a broad range of academic backgrounds. Although the program is designed primarily for students from non-business undergraduate and graduate degrees, it is possible for students with four-year undergraduate or graduate business degrees to apply for advanced standingRead More...

Why did you choose the University of Toronto's MMPA program...

Class 2014, University of Toronto student, Apoorv Saxena talks about why he chose the Master of Management & Professional Accounting (MMPA) program. Find him on the cover of the 2012 edition of Career Insider Accounting.


Events and Announcements

New 12-month MMPA Program is Launched

A new 12-month MMPA Program has been approved by the University to commence classes on or about September 1, 2015.  This Program will consist of two academic terms and one co-op work term.  Applications must be received not later than March 31, 2015.  The 12-month MMPA Program has been designated as an accredited program by CPA Ontario so that graduates will be able to enter the Capstone 2 module directly, and then write the CFE.  Further details on the 12-month Program can be found here.

Posted November 12, 2014

MMPA Amazing Race - A Terrific Team Challenge

Amazing Race PhotosSpirits were high as MMPA 2016 anxiously waited to begin The Amazing Race run annually for the MMPA by Edyta Pacuk, president of Marchfifteen. The Amazing Race is a challenging, fun competition designed to challenge students to work as a team to overcome obstacles, both physical and intellectual, in the shortest time possible. The objective is to enhance a sense of team and promote a higher degree of trust and collaboration between MMPA students. Read More...


Posted October 8, 2014

A New 12-month MMPA Program Stream is Expected

The MMPA Program is designed as a 27-month program for applicants with no academic background in accounting or business, but advanced standing is available to a 24-month program if applicants possess an adequate background.  In addition, for graduates from U of T undergraduate accounting specialist programs, a 12-month MMPA Program is expected to be approved in the Fall of 2014 for studies to begin in September 2015.  Applications for the 12-month program will be accepted after final approval is given by University governance, which is expected to be by December 1, 2014.  Further details will be announced on the MMPA website as they become available.  Please note that the 12-month program will replace the 16-month program that has been offered for many years.

Posted August 14, 2014

MMPA CPA Accreditation Announcement

We are pleased to announce that the Master of Management & Professional Accounting (MMPA) Program of the Institute for Management & Innovation (IMI) has been accredited by the CPA Ontario Council under the new National CPA Accreditation Program so that our graduates will receive advanced standing and be exempt from most of the 2 year CPA Professional Education Program (CPA PEP).  MMPA graduates will move straight into the final module (Capstone 2) of the CPA PEP and then on to the CPA Common Final Exam (CFE). Read More...

Posted July 15, 2014

Integrative Case Competition 2014

Pictures of Students During Case Comp

An Integrative Case Competition (ICC) for MMPA 2015 is underway during the summer semester that integrates material from three courses within the curriculum. This initiative involves two integrative case analyses and presentations for teams of our second year students. Read More...

Posted June 23, 2014

Welcome to MMPA Class 2016

Pictures of orientationIn late May, the MMPA Program welcomed the 27-month stream students of Class 2016!

Prior to starting classes in early June, students had two days of orientation designed to provide a broad understanding of the MMPA program objectives and values,  as well as to help familiarize them to their new environment. Irene Wiecek and Len Brooks opened the orientation by welcoming the Class of 2016 and sharing the MMPA vision with the students. In the afternoon the plan for the new Innovation Complex – an extension of the Kaneff Building, which is home to the MMPA Program – was presented. The Innovation Complex, will provide new classrooms and study rooms for MMPA students, and a new Program Office.  Read More...

Posted June 23,2014


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