Conferences & Speakers

MMPA Annual Conference

Each year, the MMPA Program offers a one-day Conference on topics that are particularly important and timely for business and/or the accounting profession.

conference speakers with director and blockchain book

The topics chosen so far have included:

  • Big Data Analytics and Blockchain Technology
  • International Accounting and Globalization
  • The Future of the Accounting Profession
  • Corporate Social Responsibility and Non-Financial Reporting
  • Fair Value Accounting: Challenges and Implications for the Accounting Profession
  • Climate Change and Corporate Environmental Strategy: Accounting and Reporting Issues
  • Forensic Accounting, Internal Control and Corporate Governance: Implications for the Accounting Profession and Research Opportunities
  • Sustainability & Corporate Social Responsibility: Implications for the Accounting Profession & Research Opportunities
  • Fraud, White Collar Crime, and Forensic Accounting
  • Towards Global Convergence: International Harmonization of Accounting Standards
  • Risk Management - A New Paradigm for Business, the Accounting Profession & Academe
  • The Principles Versus Rules Debate for Determining GAAP
  • Greater Accountability in the Capital Marketplace

The Leaders Speaker Series

Each term, leaders from management or the professions are invited to address the students in the Master of Management & Professional Accounting Program. Their purpose is to share experiences and perceptions that led to their success, or that of their organization.

The speakers are chosen for their special qualities and spend time answering questions from the students. Speakers have included, among others:  Barbara Stymiest, Chair, Blackberry; Alexandra Spinner, Partner Crowe Soberman LLP; Jim Osler, Prinicipal, Origin Merchant Partners; Allen Boston, Americas Director, Campus and Diversity Recruiting, E & Y; Ken Clarke, Chairman, Royal Lepage Inc.; Jim Beqaj, Vice-Chairman, Nesbitt Burns Inc.; Ken Dryden, President & General Manager, Toronto Maple Leafs; Professor David Foot, author of Boom, Bust, and Echo; Gordon Cheeseborough, President & CEO, Altamira Investment Services Inc.

Selected Videos of Thoughts Shared with MMPA Students

Allen Boston,
Americas Director,
Campus and Diversity Recruiting at  
Ernst & Young LLP

Allen Boston has more than 30 years of experience in the accounting profession and has served as the client service partner to corporations in various industries, including media and entertainment, energy and defense contracting. Allen took the time to communicate E&Y's vision for a global practice, what employees can expect, and how prospective recruits should develop themselves to be successful professional accountants in the future.

Allen Boston 2007



Jim Fisher,
Vice Dean,
Rotman School of Management

Jim Fisher was founder of The Canada Consulting Group, the country's largest Canadian-owned strategy firm before it merged with the Boston Consulting Group. He joined George Weston Limited in 1986 and served as Executive Vice President of Weston Foods, Chairman and President of William Neilson Limited, and President of George Weston North American Bakeries. Currently, Jim is a Director on the Board of Canadian Tire Corporation. Voted “Teacher of the Year” by the second-year MBA students, Jim teaches courses on Strategy, Leadership, and Organization Design.

Jim Fisher