Tuition HeaderThe MMPA is a publicly funded program. Tuition fee schedules are reviewed annually by the University of Toronto’s Governing Council and decisions are generally announced in mid-April, preceding the upcoming academic year.

For 2020, the approximate annual tuition per year for domestic students is $29,680 and for international students is $57,480.

Annual MMPA tuition fees for the current academic year can be viewed at the University of Toronto School of Graduate Studies links below:

Other Fees:

Application Fee - $350

Acceptance Deposit - $1700
     Deposit is applied towards first tuition payment
     $500 is non-refundable.

Incidental and Ancilliary Fees
University of Toronto services (such as athletic, library and student union services) are additional costs separate from tuition fees and are set by the university each spring.

Medical Fees
International students are provided with medical coverage through the University Health Insurance Plan (UHIP). Annual UHIP coverage begins in September of each year. For students in the Two Year MMPA participating in the 3-month foundation term, UHIP is prorated for the additional 3 months of coverage. Further information regarding UHIP is available at the University of Toronto's Centre for International Experience.


Program Brochure HeaderFor a clear overview of program details, download the MMPA program brochures:

One Year MMPA Brochure

Two Year MMPA Brochure



Does the MMPA program provide full financial support?
No, full financial support is not available.


How can I finance my studies in the MMPA program?
Domestic students may be eligible for Canadian federal or provincial assistance programs and the Scotiabank Professional Student Plan program. International students are generally not eligible for these programs.

The MMPA program offers scholarships that are distributed once a student has registered and met all admission criteria. These criteria include the student’s grades from previous bachelor's and/or master’s degrees and their GMAT score. Other scholarships and awards available to students are generally not distributed until the end of the first year of the MMPA program and are based on students’ academic performance in the program.

The University of Toronto has teaching assistant and research assistant positions available that students are able to apply for each term. Individual departments post these positions prior to each academic term.

Students in the MMPA program participate in paid co-op work terms (one co-op term in the One Year MMPA and two co-op terms in the Two Year MMPA). These are paid positions that provide students with some income, which they can put towards the program costs.