Other Special Features

The Orientation Program

Orientation is designed to introduce students to the business world, the MMPA Program and the University, several of the tools needed to succeed, and to professors, staff and alumni during an intensive week-long session held on the campus. Guest speakers are invited from the accounting profession and employers to discuss career options and opportunities.

Social activities are planned to ensure students meet their peers and faculty members. The program provides an invaluable opportunity to become involved in your new "profession" and to establish the basis for long-lasting friendships. It combines academic and social activities, ranging from a social breakfast to a wine-and-cheese reception, and from computer literacy and management skills development classes to accounting seminars.

Cross Cultural Diversity Support

The MMPA Cross Cultural Diversity Support Program is designed to enhance the MMPA Program experience by assisting students from different cultural backgrounds. The program includes linguistic support, communications development, cultural acclimatization, interview skill workshops and one-on-one counselling.

Global Mindset Development

Professional accounting will be practiced on a global basis in the future.  Consequently, one of the MMPA Program objectives is to develop each student’s awareness of different cultures, an ability to understand and work with individuals of different culture, and an ability to influence and lead those individuals.  Fortunately, the diversity of culture among the MMPA students provides a ready opportunity to learn from others and to practice the skills that will be so important in a successful future professional accounting career.