12-month MMPA Program

The 12-month MMPA Program will provide graduates with the same knowledge and skills as graduates from the 27- and 24-month MMPA programs.  All three programs have been accredited by the Chartered Professional Accountants of Ontario to allow graduates to enter the last module of the CPA PEP Program, Capstone 2 (preparation for the new professional qualifying exam, the CFE) and then to write the CFE within two months of finishing the MMPA Program. 

Admission to the 12-month MMPA Program is available to graduates from the following University of Toronto undergraduate programs:

  • UTM - B. Com. (Accounting Specialist)
  • Rotman - B. Com. (Accounting Specialist)
  • UTSC – B.B.A. (Specialist in Management and Accounting)

MMPA graduates from these programs will be considered to be from a CPA accredited program.  Students from these three programs need not submit course outlines for review, but they must have achieved at least a B- in each of the courses listed here.

In addition applicants must have met all of the CPA Professional Entry Program (PEP) entry requirements for their program which are posted on the CPA Ontario website.  Please pay special attention to the Strategy and Governance requirements listed.

University of Toronto Mississauga

University of Toronto Scarborough

University of Toronto St. George

Admission to the 12-month MMPA Program is also available to students from other Canadian universities provided they have completed the courses listed here, or the equivalent, with a grade of at least B-.  Please contact the MMPA Program Office at 905-569-4578 for further information.

Important details of the 12-month Program are:

  • The 12-month program will include 2 academic terms, and one co-op work term.
  • Classes will start on or about September 1, 2018, and finish in August 2019.
  • Admission standards are the same as for the 27- and 24-month MMPA programs, except that applicants must have at least a B+ average in their final year of studies.
  • Application deadline:  January 31, 2018.  Applications received after January 31 will be accepted subject to the availability of space in the class.  Please contact Wesley Mack for further information.
  • Enrolment will be limited to 45 students.


Courses covered during the 12-month Program will be as follows:

Fall Session 

MGT 1202H – Ethics & Governance 

MGT 1160H – Communications 

MGT 1301H – Strategic Management 

MGT 1250H – Marketing 

MGT 1362H – Managing People in Organizations 

MGT 2281H – Mergers, Acquisitions & Valuations 

MGT 1181H – Introduction to Integration & Professional Decision-Making 

MGT 2280H – Accounting Theory and Research 


Winter Session 

MGT 2090H – Co-op work term


Summer Session 

MGT 1241H – Operations Management 

MGT 2200H – Government and Not for Profit Organizations 

MGT 2004H – Advanced Strategic Management 

MGT 2208H – Taxation 3 

MGT 2282H – Integration and Professional Decision-Making Initiatives I 

MGT 2283H – Integration and Professional Decision-Making Initiatives II 

MGT 2284H – Capstone Integrative Board Report 


Fees and financing details:

  • The tuition fee is the same as the annual fee for the other MMPA Programs
  • MMPA Program staff will assist students to find a co-op work term, during which they will earn a salary.
  • Students are eligible for the MMPA Entrance Scholarships
  • Students may apply to the Scotiabank for support under the Professional Student Loan Program.

For further information, please contact Wesley Mack