Two Year MMPA - Advanced Standing

Advanced standing is available to students who have completed essentially all of the required courses in the first academic term, while completing their undergraduate or graduate degree.  A grade of B- or better is required in each course put forward for exemption, and all courses considered for exemption must have been completed no more than five years prior to the date of the application. 

In order to be considered for the Two Year MMPA Advanced Standing, a student must have taken a minimum of 5 out of the 6 of the below courses, and achieved a minimum of a B- grade in each:

In addition to the standard requirements, advanced standing applicants must also submit the following for assessment:

  • Course outlines must be submitted for each course submitted for exemption assessment (other than courses taken at the University of Toronto) 
  • If course outlines can not be obtained a student must write the outline themselves following the EXAMPLE COURSE OUTLINE, or obtain an outline from an alternate year if the outline is the same as the year they took the course.
  • Applicants who cannot provide their original course outlines must provide a self-assessment that includes: all of the information required above and must include the Self-Assessment Form found HERE.

Note that simple course descriptions are not satisfactory. Applicants who do not provide full course outlines or a signed self-assessment that provides all of the requested information will not be considered for advanced standing. They will be considered for the 2 Year MMPA 3-month Foundation term only. Applicants will be reconsidered for advanced standing once the required documentation is submitted.

To complete all requirements for the MMPA degree, the student must complete all of the courses in the remaining academic and work terms plus any courses from the exempted terms that were not covered in their previous studies.

Please indicate your choice of which advanced standing stream you wish to apply for on the online application form.