Two Year Course List

Note: We have returned to full in person for the 2022 fall term, but will pivot as necessary, into an online environment should it be suggested by the university in response to COVID-19. Students admitted to the MMPA Program can view their timetable on Quercus.


First Year

Summer - Foundation Program begins

MGT1210 Managerial Economics
MGT1211 Economic Environment of Business
MGT1221 Financial Accounting I
MGT1222 Managerial Accounting
MGT1250 Marketing 
MGT1382 Statistics for Management


Fall - 2 Year MMPA program begins

MGT1160 Communications
MGT1181 Introduction to Integration and Professional Decision Making
MGT1202 Ethics and Governance
MGT1272 Management Information Systems
MGT1323 Auditing and Reporting
MGT1330 Business Finance
MGT2206 Taxation I
MGT2250 Financial Reporting I
MGT1090 Accounting Work -Term Course I


Winter - Co-op work term

MGT1090 Accounting Work-Term Course I


Second Year


MGT1241 Operations Management
MGT1301 Fundamentals of Strategic Management
MGT1362 Managing People in Organizations
MGT2014 The Legal Environment of Professions and Corporations
MGT2251 Financial Reporting II
MGT2261 Advanced Management Accounting
MGT2281 Mergers, Acquisitions and Valuations
MGT2282 Integration and Professional Decision Making Initiatives I



MGT2207 Taxation II
MGT2205 Advanced Financial Accounting
MGT2224 Computer Auditing
MGT2225 Advanced Auditing Topics
MGT2260 Management Control
MGT2280 Accounting Theory and Research
MGT2285 Integration & Professional Decision Making Initiatives III
MGT2090 Accounting Work-Term Course II


Winter - Co-op work term

MGT2090 Accounting Work-Term Course II


Third Summer


MGT2004 Advanced Concepts in Strategic Management
MGT2200 Government and Non-for-Profit Accounting, Reporting, and Control
MGT2208 Taxation III
MGT2283 Integration and Professional Decision Making Initiatives II
MGT2284 Capstone - Integrative Board Report
MGT2286 Integration and Professional Decision Making Initiatives IV
MGT2301 Financial Management