Value Proposition

The University of Toronto’s MMPA program aims to be the finest educational experience of your life-time – the one that adds more value than any other.

The MMPA program covers the core of the MBA curriculum plus those subjects that are vital for technical leadership in the accounting profession of the future, delivered in an integrated academic and co-op work experience.

The MMPA program is the only program dedicated to developing both MBA and MMPA (Master of Professional Accounting) knowledge and skills in an integrated framework. An MBA learning experience develops analytical skills and case-oriented reasoning capacities, and an MMPA learning experience develops technical knowledge and application skills. Research has shown that technical expertise will enhance your early career and MBA-developed analytical and reasoning skills will benefit your later career.

The MMPA is designed to be the most time-concentrated, Master’s level gateway to professional accounting and financial markets employment, particularly for students graduating from non-business programs. Advanced standing is available for business students.

Co-op work terms enrich academic learning and generate both jobs and funding support. Virtually 100% of our students obtain co-op jobs. Successful completion of co-op work terms usually leads to permanent employment. Earnings, which average roughly $14,000 per co-op work term, can offset tuition and living costs significantly.

Join us for a value-added foundation for your professional accounting future.