Amit Dalaya, MMPA Class 2024, 2-Year MMPA student and staff accountant at EY

Distinguished Leadership Award: Amit Dalaya, MMPA Class 2024

Amit Dalaya, a second year MMPA student has created lasting impact since he was an undergraduate student at UTM. His exemplary leadership and dedicated community service is evident through his involvement as a UTGSU Rep, EY Campus Ambassador, MMPA Student Council member, among others.

Amit headshot

As a UTGSU Rep, he has led mentorship and leadership workshops for graduate students at IMI, oversees PR reps and represents MMPA and IMI at UTGSU assemblies. He advocates for inclusivity and diversity among all domestic and international students and his efforts have led to 1-on-1 coffee chats as well as numerous mentorship and social events.


Amit's commitment is further evident in his involvement in key university events such as MMPA Orientation, MMPA Career Day and IMI Open House. Leading workshops aimed at easing transition of new graduate students and developing essential networking and communication skills, he plays a pivotal role in enhancing their university experience, such as spearheading a Mentorship Program for 1st-year MMPA students. Eagerly representing IMI and its graduate programs to the broader university community, he volunteers in IMI Open House regularly to attract prospective students.

Amit at the 2023 IMI Grad Day talking to prospective students

Joining IMI Review by Students (IMIRS) in 2023, Amit swiftly ascended to a leadership position and represented IMIRS to the Dean. He is curating the 2023 IMIRS journal to foster interactions and collaborations among graduate students across IMI programs. His dedication to volunteerism and community service was also recognized by his co-op employer EY. Appointed as EY Campus Ambassador he delivered a keynote address to MMPA students. Actively participating in EY's Ripples Campaign, he helped raise funds supporting small businesses in Canada, securing funding for three organizations. Leading MMPA in the Capital Gainz Fundraising Initiative, they have raised over $3,500 to promote mental well-being together.


Amit’s impactful leadership, extensive community service and commitment to fostering a supportive academic environment have left an indelible mark on the University community and beyond. His multifaceted contributions ranging from mentorship programs to successful fundraising initiatives, exemplify his dedication to creating positive change and an inclusive environment. Amit's unwavering enthusiasm and leadership skills make him a standout student deserving of the 2024 University of Toronto Student Leadership Award.