MMPA Student Events

We have a variety of events from Casa Loma Orientation dinner to Golf Day in summer.

Students also have a career day, conference, and Amazing Race style scavenger hunt accross campus.


Collage of students enjoying life on campus. First picture of students amongst trees by the UTM pond, second picture of two students enjoying vanilla ice cream on ice cream day, third picture is of MMPA alumni who returned for panel discussion, fourth picture of EY alumni on campus for career day pictured at the career day event standing in a line

Collage of students attending the MMPA Casa Loma event. First image of students mingling during cocktail hour, second picture a room picture of Casa Lomas atrium room, third picture overviewing all students and staff enjoying dinner, fourth picture showing a table at dinner of both students and alumni posing for picture.


Check our instagram and twitter to see snapshots of student life including recent events and momments from #MMPAStudentLife

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