Tuition & Other Expenses

The following is presented as a general description of the MMPA Program fees & living expenses.

The Tuition Fee Schedule for Publicly Funded Programs, such as the MMPA Program, is reviewed annually. The Governing Council's decision with regard to this schedule is generally announced in mid April preceding the academic year. For planning purposes, the following table shows the annual tuition fees for MMPA students for the most recent years:


Domestic Students 2012-2013 2013-2014 2014-2015 2015-2016 2016-2017
Entered 2012 $30,194 $30,194 $10,363    
Entering 2013   $30,194  $31,090 32,020  

Entering 2014

    $31,090 32,020 TBD

Entering 2015

    XXXXX 32,020 TBD
Entering 2016     XXXXX XXXXX $32,980


International Students 2012-2013 2013-2014 2014-2015 2015-2016 2016-2017
Entered 2012 $36,764 $38,677 $13,537    
Entered 2013   $40,530 $42,560 $44,690  
Entering 2014     $43,770 $45,960 TBD
Entering 2015     XXXXX $45,960 TBD
Entering 2016     XXXXX XXXXX $51,640

Please note that since the final year of the program consists of a single term, students will only be assessed 1/3 of the annual tuition fees for that academic year.

Further detail and the most current information regarding tuition and incidental fees, refund schedules, payment methods etc. may be found on the Student Accounts Department’s website:  Summer 2014

A $1,700 deposit of which $500 is non-refundable is required once the applicant is accepted by the MMPA program. This deposit will be applied towards the first tuition fee payment.

Fees include tuition, supplementary course materials such as reprints of all case studies, book excerpts, journal articles, and other supplementary material used in MMPA courses. Textbooks are not included. A full-time student will spend approximately $2,000 a year on books and supplies.

Living expenses are minimally estimated to be $1,800 per month. This figure is an estimate only and will vary according to the type of accommodation, standard of living and so forth. Please see the attached "Class 2018 International Student Supplementary Form" for further guidance on living expenses.

Incidental and ancillary fees for University of Toronto services such as athletic, library and student union services are in addition to the tuition fees and are set by the University each spring. These fees are expected to increase in 2017/2018.

International students studying in the Program will be provided with medical coverage through the University Health Insurance Plan (UHIP). Annual UHIP coverage begins in September of each year. The first term of the 27 month program is prorated for the additional 3 months of coverage. Further information regarding UHIP is available at the University of Toronto's Centre for International Experience .




Can I expect full financial support from the Program?


No, full financial support is not available.



How can I finance my studies in the Program?


Domestic students may be eligible for Canadian federal or provincial assistance programs and the Scotiabank Professional Student Loan program. International students are generally not eligible for these programs.

The MMPA Program offers Scholarships that are distributed once a student has registered and has cleared all of their admission conditions.  The criteria are your grades from your bachelor's degree or previous master’s degree and your GMAT score. There are additional scholarships and awards available to students but they are generally not distributed until the end of the first year of the program and are based on your academic performance in the Program.

The University of Toronto also has teaching & research assistant positions available that students are able to apply for each term. Individual departments post these positions prior to each academic term.

Students in the MMPA Program are eligible to participate in two work terms. These are paid positions and students are able to contribute to their Program costs from these earnings.