Our MMPA Learning Experience…

  • combines the core of a great MBA,
  • plus professional-level, integrated development of knowledge and skills,
  • reinforced by a co-op accounting experience.

Both are essential elements for successful careers in management, finance, consulting and professional accounting where professional accountants will be:

  • financial and business professionals who enhance decision-making through professional services or positions in business, government, academe or other organizations.
  • key internal business consultants, drawing on their financial and business expertise and their professional management skills to improve their organization's strategic positioning and performance.
  • providers of assurance services who protect the integrity of financial and non-financial information, for our financial markets and stakeholders.

Excellence as an adviser, consultant, and provider of assurance services will depend on a number of factors. One of the most important is the professional accountant's understanding of how corporations and organizations operate and create value. Consequently, our MMPA learning experience focuses our students on understanding how business and organizations work, and on how they plan, function, identify, analyze and solve problems, and motivate employees. Only by understanding this broad business context, can a professional accountant appreciate how information can be used for decision making by investors, managers and others, and how a professional accountant might facilitate these decisions.

Our MMPA Program stimulates this understanding by adopting courses and learning experiences that include:

  • Focused modules on:
    • Creating value - how does business create value, and how can a professional accountant contribute.
    • Leadership
    • Developing a Global Mindset
    • Capital Markets and Accounting
    • Assurance Services and Accounting
    • Case discussions and practical lectures
  • Integrative case contests
  • Integrated learning sessions
  • Expert guest speakers
  • Annual conference featuring accounting thought leaders from academe and practice.

Our intention is to develop necessary specific qualities and competencies, including:

  • Pervasive Qualities
    • Ethical Behaviour and Professionalism
    • Personal Attributes
    • Professional Skills
  • Specific Competencies
    • Corporate Governance and Strategic Management for Competitive Advantage
    • Organizational Effectiveness, Control and Risk Management
    • Finance
    • Performance Measurement
    • Taxation
    • Information Technology
    • Assurance Services

Our objective is to provide the qualities, understanding and competencies necessary for our MMPA graduates to mature to become a:

  • Chief Financial Officer giving strategic advice to his/her CEO
  • Consultant to business and other organizations
  • Adviser to individuals
  • Assurance service provider to investors and others
  • Entrepreneur

Join us, and make our vision part of your future.