Integrative Case Competitions

MMPA students work in groups to analyse complex business situations from varying perspectives. There are numerous opportunities to engage in these multi-disciplinary activities which encourage integrated decision-making, team-work and concise communication. Several of these integrative case competitions involve the team making presentations to faculty members and/or other experts from industry and/or the accounting profession.

These case contests present a wonderful learning experience that is available only when professors and experts from more than one discipline work together. Examples of these integrative case competition include:

  1. Audit File Contest
  2. Finance/Financial Reporting Integrative case Competition
  3. Strategy/ Finance/Financial Reporting Integrative case Competition

The case competitions are also supported by our Team Building and Communications faculty to maximize the learning experience and promote the ability to work productively with others and to be able to communicate effectively.

Top groups are honoured at the annual MMPA Awards ceremony.