MMPA Annual Conference

Each year, the MMPA Program offers a one-day Conference on topics that are particularly important and timely for business and/or the accounting profession. The topics chosen so far have included:

2013 - International Accounting and Globalization Agenda

2012 - The Future of the Accounting Profession Agenda

2011 - Corporate Social Responsibility and Non-Financial Reporting  Agenda

2010 - Fair Value Accounting: Challenges and Implications for the Accounting Profession Agenda 

2009 - Climate Change and Corporate Environmental Strategy: Accounting and Reporting Issues Agenda

2008 - Forensic Accounting, Internal Control and Corporate Governance: Implications for the Accounting Profession and Research Opportunities Agenda

2007 - Sustainability & Corporate Social Responsibility: Implications for the Accounting Profession & Research Opportunities Agenda

2006 - Fraud, White Collar Crime, and Forensic Accounting Agenda

2005 - Towards Global Convergence: International Harmonization of Accounting Standards Agenda

2004 - Risk Management - A New Paradigm for Business, the Accounting Profession & Academe Agenda

2003 - The Principles Versus Rules Debate for Determining GAAP Agenda

2002 - Greater Accountability in the Capital Marketplace