Co-op Work Terms

The Program has two co-operative work terms as part of the degree requirement. In order to satisfy these degree requirements, students are responsible for finding full-time employment during each work term, which runs from January to April each year.

The MMPA Placement Team, under the direction of the Associate Director of the Program supports this process, helping students with resume preparation, interview skills and presenting a professional image.  

Potential employers are invited to post available employment opportunities in the Program office throughout the summer, and there is a formal on-campus interview period lasting two weeks in September. Throughout the summer, the Program sponsors workshops and activities directed at helping students find a co-op position.

Our students have been extraordinarily successsful in securing placements for the co-op work terms. Students may also have the hours spent working put towards their articling time required to be a Chartered Professional Accountant.

Students should begin thinking about finding employment as soon as possible and may even consider participating in the full time recruiting process at their undergraduate university.

International Students

International students who plan to study in Canada but have not yet obtained their Canadian Citizenship or Landed Immigrant Status must obtain a Study Permit to study and a co-op Work Permit to complete the co-op work terms. It is the responsibility of the student to obtain these permits.

It should be noted that since strong communication skills are critical for success in this Program and in the business community, every effort should be made to enhance English communication skills prior to joining the Program.