New Professional Accounting Centre Launched

On November 26th, the Professional Accounting Centre (PAC) was launched at UTM at a time when the profession is wrestling with the demands of defensible, global harmonization of standards and expectations, and greater integrity, accuracy, and clarity in the generation of credible and accurate information.

PAC’s role is to bring together researchers, professional accountants, regulators, and standard setters around the world to discuss the challenges facing professional accounting in the future, and to stimulate research and discussion on those challenges for the betterment of the profession. 

PAC will focus on the professional accounting mandate, role, ethics, standards, behaviour, and techniques involved in preparing and providing high quality data for users and providing assurance of its credibility. Research findings will inform instructors and enhance the curricula of graduate and undergraduate programs at U of T Mississauga and beyond.  Selected students will have the chance to work with leading researchers.

For additional comments on the launch of PAC, please click here or to the PAC website.