Blackberry Chair, Barbara Stymiest, Speaks to MMPA Students

Barbaras PictureMMPA Class of 2015 had the privilege of listening to guest speaker Barbara Stymiest, Chair of the Board at Blackberry, on July 8th, 2013.

Barbara provided some valuable insight into Blackberry’s corporate strategy, a fascinating and timely topic that students were discussing in their Advanced Strategic Management course.

Barbra outlined Blackberry’s plan for the future which is to focus on the software rather than the hardware, which will improve operational performance, a different path that other competitors are taking. Blackberry’s vision is to move towards an operating system based on standards, which will have less lines of code, compared to the closed system of the Apple iPhone, or the open system of the Android phones.

During the past year, RIM, now Blackberry, has been reinventing itself working on corporate strategy and considering where the future will be in the cellular device field. Barbra discussed some of the business challenges Blackberry has been faced with and the strategies they have come up with in order to understand industry trends, and develop a clear corporate vision.

Barbara was very optimistic in Blackberry’s intention to deliver innovation, while pursuing growth and increasing market profitability for its shareholders and customers.

Blackberry under chair Barbara Stymiest has evaluated its performance in internal and external environments and will continue to take major initiatives to clearly define the company’s mission, vision and objectives, and to ensure stakeholder expectations are met.