Two Year MMPA Application Instructions

Applicants who wish to apply for admission to the Two Year MMPA Program must use the School of Graduate Studies’ on-line application system. 

Applications for Class 2023 will open September 1st, 2020 through the University of Toronto School of Graduate Studies online application system, and closes January 31st, 2021.

The MMPA Program is offered by the Institute of Management & Innovation.  You must select the Institute of Management & Innovation as the "Graduate Unit." 

You will then be able to select the Master of Management & Professional Accounting as your degree program.

Applicants applying to the Two Year + Foundation Term MMPA should use the application for the Start Session summer 2021.

Applicants applying to the Two Year MMPA should use the application for the Start Session fall 2021.


Applicants may not switch streams once the application fee is paid. Please ensure you have read the stream requirements and application instructions carefully.

Please send paper copies ONLY for items specifically requested.

Students who are re-applying must complete an online application each year they re-apply. The student must also notify the MMPA Program by email.  The Program will verify the documents that are on file and notify the applicant which documents remain outstanding.

Documents/items that will be requested will include the following:

  • $350 CDN application fee
  • Official transcript from each college or university attended. This includes any exchange program completed, even if the mark is reflected on your home schools' transcript.
  • Unofficial transcript for upload
  • Two professional and/or academic reference contacts from individuals chosen by the applicant. (Referee will submit their reference electronically through the application system using an institutional email)
  • Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) scores that meet minimun thresholds, if required. The student will be required to make their score report electronically available to the "MMPA Program"
  • English Proficiency Test, meeting minimun thresholds, if applicable. The student will be required to upload an unofficial copy to their application.
  • Summary of the applicant’s academic and professional work history, such as a resume/CV
  • One brief essay

Please note:

Detailed instructions on the above required documents are provided once the application fee is paid.

Once an applicant begins their application, the applicant is able to log in and out and add documents as they become available.

Applicants that have a referee without an institutional email address must contact the MMPA Program for the MMPA Reference form and explain why an institutional email address is not available.  The MMPA Reference form must be included with the referee’s letter in the sealed and signed envelope.

Applicants for Two Year MMPA Class 2023 will be considered on an ongoing basis, as per the application deadlines.

Applications will open September 1st, 2020 and close January 31st, 2021.

  • An intermittent deadline of October 31st, 2020 will be used to process the applicants who complete early, providing them with a program decision by the end of December 2020.
  • Applciants who complete their application by the Janauary 31st, 2021 deadline will recieve a response in early April 2021.
  • International students are encouraged to complete their application as early as possible so that they have enough time to process their student visas. This can take as long as five months.
  • All applications should be received as early as possible, but not later than January 31, 2021


Please direct any questions about the application to the MMPA Program.