The future business and professional environment will be influenced by increasing global competition, heightened social awareness and concern on the part of stakeholders, and the application of advanced technology. These pressures will place a high premium on those who can identify, stimulate and participate in the creation of innovative and workable solutions. Success will depend on strategically directed activities, effective teamwork and the application of far-sighted judgement and technical expertise.

Leaders must have an understanding of their business and professional environment, the innovative management process, the functional options that are possible, and the communication and interpersonal skills needed to meet emerging competitive challenges. As the business and professional environment continues to become more complex, leaders must understand what frameworks are available to insure creative, sound decision making, and use them to identify the vital aspects of new proposals.

The Master of Management & Professional Accounting Program, offered by the University of Toronto at Mississauga, responds to this vision of changing client and employer needs by introducing bright, talented students with diverse interests and leadership potential to the ethical, human and technical foundations of business and the accounting profession. A lecture, case and co-operative work term format is used which emphasizes innovation with realism. Students learn at one of Canada's finest universities -- minutes away from the business and professional centre of the country -- in the company of those destined to assume leadership positions around the world.


The Master of Management & Professional program is unique in Canada. Since its beginning in 1988, originally as the MBA in Professional Accounting Program, the Program has offered a special blend of academic and professional training in a co-operative format. The result is a thorough, rigorous, stimulating preparation for professional accounting grounded in the understanding of managerial challenges which only study in one of the world's premier business schools can bring.

Students selected to enter the program will learn from many of the leading business scholars in Canada, and will experience their work terms in the most prestigious accounting firms in the country's financial and accounting capital.

Close proximity to Canada's business centre offers students a firsthand chance to sense the pulse of our economy and witness changes which will later affect the rest of the country. Business leaders often share their insights on campus.

As members of the University of Toronto community, graduate business students also benefit from the availability of its world-class research resources and facilities. Specifically, the MMPA Program is designed to offer students with non-business undergraduate degrees:

  • courses leading to a first-class Master's degree in Management;
  • plus all the course requirements necessary to prepare for the accounting profession's qualifying examinations;
  • plus co-operative educational experience to apply the learned concepts to real-life situations and provide valuable training for future employment.

The MMPA Program pays particular attention to the integration of academic and professional learning, and to the development of professional abilities, including:

  • oral and written communication;
  • cognitive learning;
  • problem solving on individual and team bases; and
  • a commitment to ongoing self development.

The program consists of five academic and two co-operative work terms extending over 27 months. Advanced standing is available for outstanding candidates. In such instances, the student commences his or her studies in the second term and completes the program in 24 months.

A Brief History

The MMPA (Master of Management & Professional Accounting) Program  has been offered at the University of Toronto’s Mississauga Campus (UTM) since the entering class of 1997, which graduated in 1999. The program was offered by UTM under the academic supervision of the Rotman School of Management and was called the Rotman MMPA. 

The growth of the UTM campus to that of a mid-sized Ontario university, and the formation of a Professional Graduate Programs Centre at UTM has allowed for the transfer of academic responsibility for the MMPA Program to UTM from the Rotman School, effective for students entering the Program in the summer of 2008. The MMPA Program has been and will be strongly supported by the Department of Management at UTM with continuing instruction by professors of the Rotman School.  The Program curriculum , the instructors involved, and the degree received will remain the same.   

On July 1st, 2013, the Institute for Management & Innovation (IMI) was created at UTM to host professional masters programs, including the MMPA program.

All graduates are considered to be alumni of the continuing MMPA Program.  In addition, as is the custom at the University of Toronto, students and alumni are to consider themselves attached to the Faculties, Schools, Colleges, Centres and locations in which they studied.  Therefore, students in MMPA classes up to and including MMPA 2009 will continue to have an affiliation with the Rotman School and all classes will have an affiliation with UTM.

 An important part of the educational experience offered by the Programs has been due to the commitment and efforts of the Program Administration, including those noted below: 


Irene Wiecek (2016 – present)

Professor Leonard J. Brooks (1993 – 2016)

Professor Wally Smieliauskas (1988 – 1993) 

Associate Directors

Irene Wiecek (1995 – 2016)

Enola Stoyle (2000 – 2015)

Ann Kittler (1989 – 1993)

Brenda Mallouk (1988 – 1991) 

Assistant Directors

Hans Harding (1991 – present)

Maria Andrade (1995 – present)